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Markus Dorninger

Markus strayed from his budding career as a video games designer to explore performative projection art. One of his experiments grew up to be Tagtool, which remains the weapon of choice for his artistic output. At OMAi he’s responsible for product vision and design.

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Josef Dorninger

Josef's background might seem unusual - after business school, he trained as a social worker. Today he's the rock of the operation, taking care of the organizational and financial side. As a true-to-the-game Tagtoolista he specializes on workshops for younger audiences.


Matthias Fritz

Matthias is a versatile visual artist with a multiplayer approach rooted in his common gaming past with the Dorninger brothers. Most pixels of the Tagtool user interface came out of his fingertips. As a live performer and workshop leader he spreads the word of collaborative creativity.


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